Lead-silver current injection anode

Lead-silver current injection anode:

Pure lead alone cannot be used as an anode. To solve this problem, lead is combined with other metals, which results in the formation of a protective oxide film on it. The composition of lead base anode is made in two types, silver metal with composition percentage (92% lead, 6% antimony and 1% silver) and another platinum metal with composition percentage (99.5% lead and 0.5% platinum and antimony). accept The current density of the lead base anodes is 110 amps per square meter. Below the table is the consumption rate of lead base anodes in different specific resistances of sea water electrolyte.


Lead based anodes are suitable for use in sea water and adjacent structures in salt water (dock foundations, piles, ship hulls) due to their low corrosion rate and high current flow. Lead base anodes are manufactured and supplied in different shapes and sizes and depending on the shape and size of the anode, they are installed submerged (restrained with a rope) or by special holding equipment in the vicinity of the structure under protection.