About Bornagodaz

About Bornagodaz Company

Bornagodaz Company was established in 2013 as an independent company in order to expand the activities of Borna Electronics Company in the production of various types of cathode protection anodes. This company is a member of Borna Group and started its activity by equipping an independent factory in Shams Abad Industrial Town of Tehran.


By producing products related to cathodic protection according to national and international standards, Bornagodaz Company has taken a privileged position in the competition with all kinds of Iranian and foreign products, which is confirmed by the approvals and certificates received from various institutions. For many years, this company has been proud to receive the ISO 9001 certificate from UNICERT and DQS companies and the establishment of the quality assurance system in the organization, receiving the certificates of (GL) Germanicher Lloyd, (BV) BUREAU VERITAS, Iranian Classification Institute (ICS), Asian Classification Institute (ACS). And Iran’s National Gas Company has brought the products.

Due to its type of activity, Bornagodaz company is related to corrosion, marine engineering and oil industry equipment manufacturers associations and has legal membership of marine engineering and oil industry equipment manufacturers associations.


Products Of Bornagodaz Company

Aluminum Handcuff Anode:
Sacrificial bracelet anodes are commonly made of aluminum alloys, which decision depends on the design requirements...
Aluminum Anode:
The main application of these anodes is for cathodic protection of steel structures in sea water...
Magnesium Anode:
Magnesium is the most common sacrificial anode used to protect structures buried in soil.
Zinc Anode:
Zinc anodes are used to protect structures submerged in fresh or salt water. Of course, these anodes are also used to protect structures buried in the soil.
Lead-silver anode:
Although pure lead has been tested as an anode in seawater, it has not been successful because a PbCl2 film forms under the PbO2 oxide and isolates the PbO2 from the lead substrate.
High Silicon Cast Iron Anode:
Cast iron anodes of Persilis Bernagdas are the most common anodes used in current injection systems, in installations buried in the ground...
Polarization coupon:
In recent decades, the use of coupons has increased dramatically; Because they allow remote monitoring devices to better manage corrosion threats from current interference sources until field interferences are significantly reduced.
Metal mining industries:
Electromining is a method by which metals are recovered from wastewater for reuse or sale.
Zinc anode floating body:
Zinc anodes are used to protect the hull of vessels in fresh and salt water.

Since the products related to cathodic protection are completely specialized products and knowledge, experience and special equipment are needed to control the quality and perform the necessary tests on them, Bornagodaz company by setting up and equipping a corrosion laboratory in its factory and using experienced staff In this context, it controls its products carefully.

This laboratory is capable of performing all tests related to cathode products, including tests to determine the chemical composition, electrochemical properties, determining the mechanical and electrical resistance of the insert connection to the anode or the cable to the anode, coating thickness and adhesion, coke granulation, etc.
In order to supply better products, Bornagodaz company controls all the equipment of its production line and corrosion laboratory through the calibration program. Depending on the nature of the equipment, this calibration is performed daily or periodically by operators or accredited calibration centers.