message from head manger

message from head manger

In the name of Allah

I am proud that I was able to bring together expert engineers and experts in cathodic protection to present fully specialized products in accordance with the world’s standards to the domestic and international markets. Therefore, in order to increase the quality of products, satisfy customers more, localize products with high technology, improve the technical ability of domestic producers and deal with the international sanctions of the sworn enemies of our country, I define the goals of Bernagdaz Company as follows.

Objectives of Bernagdas Company

Barna Gadaz, a leader in the production of cathode protection anodes and peripheral equipment, announces its policy as follows:

1. Understanding the demands of customers with the aim of getting more satisfaction from them.
2. Paying attention to human resources and improving them through training.
3. Producing a durable product at the lowest cost.
4. Designing new products according to customers’ needs.
5. Entering world markets with exports.

Since the products of this company, especially the types of anodes used in the cathodic protection system, are completely specialized products, and to test and control their quality according to national and international standards (IPS, NACE, ASTM, DNV, BS, …) Knowledge, experience and equipment are special. By equipping the quality control laboratory, Barna Gadaz company has tried to take a privileged position in the competition with similar Iranian and foreign products by providing products tested according to the standard.

In this regard, this company is the holder of ISO9001:2008 certificate in the field of production of cathodic protection products with the establishment of quality management system, and with the establishment of the standard for the production of sacrificial anodes, it has a product Test certificate from GL & ICS & ACS. Numerous approvals and certificates received from various domestic and foreign institutions confirm the high quality of this company’s products.

In the end, I invite all people related to the great knowledge of cathodic protection to help us in providing better services by providing suitable solutions for the development of domestic manufacturers, including Bernagdaz.

Seyed Majid Mirghforian