Cathped Protection Design

Establishment of anode network
cathodic protection system

Copper / Copper Sulfate Reference Electrode: This half cell consists of a pure copper rod in a saturated solution of copper sulfate. of copper/copper sulfate half-cell…

استقرار سیستم حفاظت کاتدیک آند وایری
Establishment of the cathodic
protection system of the tank floor

Anodic network of the tank bottom: in this type of anodic bed, ribbon anodes and in some cases wire anodes are used. Due to the close distance of the Andy network...

استقرار سیستم حفاظت کاتدیک آندی کف
Establishment of deep well
cathodic protection system

Silicon anode (High silicon cast iron anode): This anode has silicon and chromium compounds, which has high resistance to corrosion...

استقرار سیستم حفاظت کاتدیک چاه عمیق
Installation of surface
cathodic protection system

Zinc ground battery and its application: Zinc ground battery (zinc earthing cell) consists of two or four zinc electrodes, whose .