Basics of corrosion and cathodic protection

Anodized aluminum bracelet

Aluminum bracelet anode: Sacrificial bracelet anodes are commonly made of aluminum alloys, the decision in this case depends on the design requirements. The ...

آند آلومینیوم دستبندی
Lead current injection anode

Lead-silver current injection anode: Pure lead alone cannot be used as an anode. To solve this problem, lead is combined with other metals, which results in the ...

آند تزریق جریان پایه سرب
Silicon flow injection
anode and accessories

Silicon anode (High silicon cast iron anode): This anode has silicon and chromium compounds, which has high resistance to corrosion...

آند تزریق جریان سیلیکون
Zinc earthing cell

Zinc ground battery and its application: Zinc ground battery (zinc earthing cell) consists of two or four zinc electrodes, whose

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Magnesium sacrificial anode
and design requirements

Magnesium anode and its applications: Magnesium is the most common material for the protection of structures buried in the soil. Magnesium anodes are also used ...

آند فداشونده منیزیم و ملزومات طراحی
Zinc sacrificial anode
and design requirements

Zinc anode and its applications: Zinc anode is commonly used in sea water or salt water. In some cases, the direction of buried ...

آند فداشونده روی و ملزومات طراحی
Aluminum sacrificial anode
and design requirements

Aluminum sacrificial anode and its applications: Aluminum anodes are regularly used in sea water and soil with low specific resistance. In order to prevent the formation of an oxide layer...

Common applications
of cathodicprotection

Common applications of cathodic protection to protect various structures from corrosion: Cathodic protection system is used in all steel structures buried in electrolyte. Below is a description of some…

کاربردهای متداول حفاظت کاتدیک
Current injection cathodic
protection system

Current injection cathodic protection system: In this method, the current required for cathodic protection is injected into the structure under protection (cathode) by a rectifier transformer and…

سیستم حفاظت کاتدی تزریق جریان
sacrificial cathodic
protection system

Sacrificing cathodic (galvanic) protection system: In the sacrificial cathodic protection method, a galvanic cell is created by connecting a more active metal to the metal that is to be protected. so that…

سیستم حفاظت کاتدی فداشونده
Corrosion and principles of
cathodic protection

Corrosion and principles of cathodic protection: Metals exist in their stable state as oxides or ores. Therefore, the metal state tends to return to a stable state, that is, the oxide state...

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