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A mixed metal oxide anode is produced from precious ancient oxides, routinium, tantalium, titanium, nickel, tin and ...

DSA anode
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MMO anodes consist of two parts of the base metal and coating.

Plating Industries

1. MMO mixed metal oxide anodes:

A mixed metal oxide anode is produced from precious oxides, routinium, tantalium, titanium, nickel, tin, and so on. Solutions of these metals are applied to different layers in a multi -stage process and are converted into an effective catalytic form in a thermal process.

The features of MMO anodes are:

  • Long -lasting life in acidic solutions
  • Of the undesirable anode reaction can be avoided
  • Low -cost more than an anode titanium Platinide (PTTI)
  • Consumption of less precious metal
  • The excellent ratio of the cost to the benefit
  • Design based on the life span and density of the required flow
  • Prevent impurities from entering the cathode

Bornagdaz is one of the leading companies in the field of production of consumables in the water and wastewater treatment industry and industrial wastewater, oil, gas and petrochemicals. Due to the industry’s need for covered titanium anodes (so -called DSA or MMO anodes (, in 2011, the project of this type of anodes began in Borna Group. International and international, finally, at the beginning of 2014, the industrial production of these animals, which are competitive with European products, began.

As the largest domestic producer of MMO anodes, Bernagdaz produces pipes, ribbon, wires, sheets, meshes, etc., and over the past year, an important part of the needs of public and private companies has been met by the company. Is.

2. Titanium Platinum IGe

The anodes in the plating bath are of two types (such as copper, nickel, silver, etc.) for the power of electricity and also to supply the water bath ions to sit in the workpiece (object for plating) in the bathroom. The plating is dissolved. The other anode is neutral and remains healthy and stable in terms of dimensions and is called neutral anode. Titanium platinum anodes are one of these types of anodes that do not dissolve in the plating bath.

Bornagdaz Titanium Platinum Aniz can be used as an auxiliary anode in the six -capable cream plating that helps to complete the accurate and accurate plating in specific forms that require local session, especially in automotive and decorative equipment.

صنایع آبکاری

Features of Titanium Platinum Aniz: BornaGodaz Company:

• very low porosity of platinum coating
• High -dimensional stability, no need for frame
• anodes are formatable in any form
• Available in the types of coating thickness
• Design based on the life span and density required
• prevent impurities from entering the cathode
• Uniform distribution of flow in plating areas
• Suitable thickness in copper/ nickel/ cream plating and preventing additional coverage (additional cost) and burnt plating (incomplete appearance and defects)
• a high -economical process