New technologies

Remote control and
monitoring systems

In order to ensure the proper functioning of cathodic protection systems, it is always necessary to perform periodic measurements of various system parameters at regular intervals. Due to the…

مخزن و تابلوی کنترل حفاظت ترانسفورمر رکتیفایر
Photovoltaic cathodic
protection system

The progress of science and technology, while creating many achievements for human comfort and well-being, has always brought new problems (for example, environmental pollution...

Explosion-proof rectifier

Considering the environmental conditions of oil, gas, petrochemical complexes, etc., some rectifier transformers should be installed inside the hazardous area. This requires making a transformer...

ترانسفورمر رکتیفایرهای ضد انفجار
Multi-circuit rectifier transformer

In order to remove variable resistances from the circuit of the cathodic protection system (balancing the cathodic protection system with variable resistances is very difficult and troublesome in some cases) from...

رانسفورمر رکتیفایرهای چند مداره
Tank and transformer protection
control panel

1- Tank and board of transformer rectifier transformer rectifiers are suitable for installation in any environmental conditions including: inside the room, in the open space, inside the danger area etc... ...

Intelligent control rectifier

Considering that the advancement of microprocessor technology and its wide application in various industries, especially control and protection, is very impressive and significant, and experts and...

ترانسفورمر رکتیفایر کنترل هوشمند
Different methods of controlling the
rectifier transformer

Control by electronic/auto-transformer method (automatic/manual) in order to increase the reliability of the electronic control rectifier transformer and to ensure the guarantee of the output of...

Introduction of transformer and
rectifier equipment

Transformer The following points have been included in the design and construction of the main transformer of the device: Using transformer iron with high magnetic field density in order to reduce losses and limit the increase...

Rectifier transformer

General characteristics of cathodic protection rectifier transformer: The rectifier transformer is one of the main components of the cathodic protection system with the current injection method,

ترانسفورمر رکتیفایر
Cell polarization

Electrical isolation equipment / TB polarization: Another issue that is inevitable in the cathodic protection system is that, according to common standards, all metals in a protection system...

Spark Gap

Electrical isolation equipment / Spark gap: Spark gap is installed on flanges that have an insulation kit. Considering that the gaskets (middle insulation washer) of the kit...

اسپارک گپ (Spark Gap)
Insulation Kit

Electrical isolation equipment / insulation kit: What is clear is that the determining parameter for calculating and estimating the amount of the anode or range of the...

کیت عایقی (Insulation Kit)
Multimeter and data

Multimeter Multimeters are used to measure electrical parameters. Multimeters are produced in two types, digital and analog. multi…

مولتی متر و دیتالاگر
Portable test power supply
and interceptor

The portable test power supply (Test Station) is used for the ease of testing the current expansion or temporary current injection...

منبع تغذیه تست پرتابل و اینتراپتر
Insulation Tester Kit
(RF Tester)

In order to test the insulation of the kits used in the flanges, the RF Tester device is used. Also, the said test is done by sending radio waves. One of the test…

تستر کیت عایقی (RF Tester)
Platinized current injection

Platinized current injection anode: Platinized anodes consist of a platinum layer with a thickness of approximately 5.2 micrometers on metals such as titanium, niobium ...

آند تزریق جریان پلاتینایز
MMO wire current
injection anode

Wired MMO current injection anode and technical specifications: Wired anode consists of a single strand wire coated with various metal oxides of iridium, tantalum, titanium and ruthenium. this…

آند تزریق جریان MMO وایری
Ribbon MMO current
injection anode

Ribbon MMO anode and technical specifications: These anodes consist of a strip of titanium metal coated with various oxides of iridium, tantalum, titanium and ruthenium metals. this…

آند تزریق جریان MMO ریبونی
Mixed metal oxide current
injection anode

Mixed Metal Oxide MMO (Mixed Metal Oxide) anode and its applications: these anodes are made of titanium substrate and are usually coated with various metal oxides of iridium, tantalum,...

آند تزریق جریان اکسید فلزی مختلط