The devices and equipment available in the cathodic protection laboratory are:
1- Quantometer device
2- DC power source
3- Oven with a temperature range of 0-250 degrees Celsius
4- Electric furnace for thermal operation with a temperature range of 0-800 degrees Celsius
5- Electric melting furnace with a temperature range of 0-1200 degrees Celsius
6- pH meter
7- Magnet heater
8- types of reference electrodes (calomel, Ag/AgCl, Cu/CuSo4 and Zn)
9- Digital multimeter
10- Environmental and solution mercury thermometer
11- digital thermometer and hygrometer
12- infrared thermometer
13- Scale with accuracy of 0.1 and 0.0001 grams
14- Laboratory sieve with different meshes
15- Paint and coating thickness gauge
16 – Cross cutter
17- Electrochemical cells
18- meter, ruler, vernier caliper and micrometer
19- Laboratory glassware (Besher, Erlenmeyer flask, graduated cylinder, pipette, test tube, etc.)
20- All kinds of salts, acids and other consumables