Cathode protection system


Cathedral Protection System of Injection Injection:

In this method, the required flow of cathode protection is injected into the protected structure (cathode) by a rectifier transformer and anodic substrate. As a result, the electrochemical reaction is carried out and the corrosion of the structure is prevented. The advantages of this method are the cathode protection system usability in all electrolytes with a variety of specifications, longevity, no need for anode renewal at specified intervals, and so on.


The cathode protection system of the flow injection has the following main components:

1) cathode: The metal is called cathode.

2) Andes: The task of injecting the current into the protected structure is the responsibility of the anode.

3) Rectifier Transformer: One of the main components of cathode protection systems is the reconciliation transformer injection that is used as a current power supply. Rectifier transformer is made in two types of fixed current or constant voltage.

4) The split box: The split box is used to perform the connection and the relevant branches.

5) Cable: Electric circuit is carried out by cables.

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