Silicon flow injection anode and design requirements

High silicon cast iron anode:

This anode has silicon and chromium compounds, which has a high resistance to corrosion. The brand name of this alloy is Tantiron and it is produced according to IPS-M-TP-750/1, BS 1591, ASTMA518 standards. This alloy is used in current injection cathodic protection systems. In terms of chemical composition, silicon anode is available in two categories, “N” and “C”. Tanthiron “C” is usually used in environments with acidic and alkaline soil or sea water, and Tanthiron “N” is used in environments with neutral soil and fresh water (hot water tanks, etc.). Normally, silicon anodes are produced in two sizes of 60×2 and 60×3 inches. According to the geometry below, this anode is used in all anode substrates, including surface, well, scattered, etc. It should be noted that the description of the types of anodic substrates is collected in the section related to the design of cathodic protection.


Chemical analysis of silicon anode based on standards (IPS-M-TP-750/1, BS 1591, ASTM A518)


The electrical connection of the cable to the anode is of the Lead Caulking type, which has the lowest voltage drop at the connection point (maximum of 0.3 volts in a current of 10 amperes) in addition to a strong and reliable connection.

The current density of these anodes as well as their consumption is affected by the environmental conditions of installing this type of anodes. The table below shows the values of current density and corrosion rate of silicon anodes in different electrolytes including coking coal, fresh water and sea water.


Design requirements:

The size and type of silicon anode cable may be different according to the opinion of the designer and manufacturer.
The silicon anode may be backfilled with coke according to the request, and the dimensions and percentage of the coke are determined by the applicant. This type of anodes are called canistered.
Normally, the current output of 3 x 60 inch anodes in coke backfill is 3 amps and the current output of 2 x 60 inch anodes in coke backfill is 2 amps for a lifespan of 25 years.

Anode Centralizer as shown below is used to stabilize the position of anodes installed in the well or canistered anodes.

Also, the anode centerer made of insulating materials can be used in anode wells, which are usually made of polyethylene.

Silicon anode canistered with coke

High silicon cast iron anode