Introduction of transformer and rectifier equipment Transformer

Introduction of transformer and rectifier equipment

The following points have been included in the design and construction of the main transformer of the device:

Using transformer iron with high magnetic field density in order to reduce losses and limit the temperature rise of the transformer.
Electrostatic shield between primary and secondary winding.
Transformer insulation is implemented in sensitive points, including near the core, in such a way that they are resistant to temperature rise up to at least 130 degrees Celsius.
All insulators must withstand a voltage of 2000 volts, 50 Hz for at least one minute.
In different types of rectifier transformers, the minimum efficiency of the main transformer is considered to be 95%.
The insulation class of transformers made by Brena Electronics can be H, F, E, B, A according to the request of the customer and the conditions and installation environment.
In the transformer of oil rectifiers, the transformer of the device is completely immersed in the oil and is designed in such a way that the temperature increase of its different parts does not exceed the following values in permanent working mode:

– Maximum coil temperature increase of 50 degrees Celsius

– The maximum increase in the temperature of the upper part of the oil is 45 degrees Celsius


The components of the rectifier are silicone type. The rectifier circuit is a full-wave bridge type and its overall efficiency is at least 90%. The rectifier is protected against overvoltage surges by a varistor and by a fast fuse against overcurrent surges. In the oil rectifier transformer, the semiconductors are completely immersed in the oil tank.

In the transformer of auto-transformer rectifiers, the rectifier bridge is full diode, and in the electronic type, half-controlled (semi-thyristor) or fully controlled (full-thyristor) full-wave rectifier bridge is used.

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