Different methods of controlling the rectifier transformer

Different methods of controlling the rectifier transformer

Different methods of controlling the rectifier transformer / part 2
Electronic/auto-transformer control (automatic/manual)

This type of rectifier transformer is recommended in order to increase the reliability of the transformer of electronic control rectifiers and to ensure the guarantee of the output of the device in case of problems in the electronic control unit. Since cathodic protection rectifier transformers are usually installed in bad weather conditions and in remote places, and problems in their electronic control system have caused a time delay for the repair of said rectifier transformers when they fail, as a result, there is no cathodic protection of the structure. The mentioned and finally “irreparable damages”. In this situation, it is cost-effective to use electronic control rectifier transformers/auto transformers. In this way, in case of a problem in the electronic control unit, the output of the device will not be cut off and the rectifier transformer will continue its operation by means of an auto transformer.

As you can see in the schematic circuit of Figure 12-2, in this type of rectifier transformer, a variac device is installed in the primary of the main transformer and the rectifier bridge is also a thyristor type, at the same time, a circuit is installed on the rectifier part and When the rectifier transformer is set in the reg voltage mode, the thyristors act like diodes and when the autotransformer is changed, the output of the device is also changed. It is worth mentioning that the auto-transformer of the device is in the electronic control mode and the output adjustment can be done simultaneously by the auto-transformer and the electronic control unit.

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