Anode aluminum bracelet

Anodized aluminum bracelet

Anodized aluminum bracelet

Aluminum bracelet anode:

Sacrificial bracelet anodes are commonly made of aluminum alloys, which decision depends on the design requirements. The cost of making these anodes is affordable and it is very reliable for cathodic protection of gas condensate transmission pipelines, buried in soil and even submerged in water. The cuff anodes are mounted in special places determined by the design of the cathodic protection system and are electrically connected to the pipeline through special copper cables. It is interesting to note that the main factor in dealing with pipeline corrosion factors in the absence of a cathodic protection system is the presence of an anti-corrosion coating. Cuff anodes are designed to protect the pipeline where any porosity, pitting or other coating failures may occur during installation or during the pipeline’s service life. The figure below shows how to connect the aluminum bracelet anode to a gas condensate transfer pipeline.



Bornagdaz company has succeeded in localizing and mass producing hand-made aluminum anodes used in the 32-inch steel pipeline used in the Kish power plant. This pipeline, with a length of 35 km, provides gas transmission from Kish to Gerzeh, located in Bandar Abbas. This complex has been able to restore a part of the Kish power plant to facilitate the supply of electricity and gas to the Gerze region by using an experienced and expert staff. Among the advantages and successes achieved in this project under the patronage of Pars Oil and Gas Company are as follows:

– Saving currency in the conditions of embargo

– Reducing the import of aluminum alloy anodes from countries such as China and the UAE

– Localization of knowledge and use of domestic force

– Improvement of environmental conditions

– Designing and manufacturing mold technology for casting with the highest dimensional accuracy and the least metallurgical defects

Some of the manufacturing steps of this anode in the production line of Cathodic Protection Anodes of Bornagodas are shown below. Also, during the final visit of quality control experts and technical-engineering inspectors of Iran Offshore Facilities Company (IOEC) and Continental Shelf Oil, this product succeeded in obtaining relevant approvals for delivery to Kish Power Plant.



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