Joints (Splice Kit)

Splice Kit

Joints (Splice Kit)

Accessories of cathodic protection systems / joints:

The joints are used to insulate the branching of the cables of the cathodic protection system (such as surface beds, wells, connecting the cable to the anode network, etc.). Joints have different types and shapes, such as: two-way, three-way, four-way, etc., which type is selected according to the use. Joints have four parts including the following:

a) Frame: it is usually made of two pieces of PVC, b) Line Tap: it is made of copper or brass and is used to connect cables, its size is chosen according to the cable, c) Resin: It is a two-component liquid and is used to insulate the joint from the surrounding environment. d) Scotch tape: It is used to cover the entrance of the cables and to prevent resin from leaking out of the joint.

How to install joints:

The installation steps are as follows:

a) Separate the cover of the desired cables and connect them with tab line. Then test its electrical resistance with an ohmmeter.

b) If there is no problem in the previous step, put the tab line inside the frame and tape the entrance and exit of the cables with scotch tape. Align and fix the location of the joint.

c) Remove the separating part of the two-component resin and mix it according to the manufacturer’s instructions and pour it into the joint and prevent it from moving until the resin is completely dry.

How to install detailed resin preparation steps

During installation, the following should be considered:

Gloves should be used when using the resin due to the chemicals that make up the resin.
Considering that this resin is one of the main components of the detailed set, the preparation of the resin should be done according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
The connection of the cables should be done correctly by the tab line to prevent the occurrence of resistance and, as a result, the generation of heat in the joint.



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