Pin brazing cable connection

Pin brazing cable connection

Peripheral equipment of cathodic protection systems / cable connection by pin brazing method

To connect the cable to the protected structure such as pipelines, pin brazing method can be used. The method of connecting by pin brazing device is that by creating an electric arc between the pin and the corresponding structure, the surface of the silver alloy is melted and the cable is connected to the structure. In order to connect the pin and the structure, an electric arc with a temperature of 700 degrees Celsius is needed. Considering that the pins are silver plated, the connection made will have a low electrical resistance. The advantages of pin brazing compared to thermal welding can be mentioned as reducing the probability of error compared to thermal welding, generating less heat, the possibility of doing it in rainy weather, connection with high user speed. On the other hand, the high cost of welding (due to pin brazing accessories) is mainly the reason for not using this method by project managers. The pin brazing device includes an electric arc production unit, relevant batteries and a special gun. For each weld, you need a cable washer, pin and ceramic washer suitable for the connecting cable and for the pin brazing device.



Components of pin brazing

Advantages of using pin brazing method:

This method is applicable in any weather conditions.
The connection can be done in just a few seconds, and the entire process of preparing the device can be done in less than a minute.
Safety for the user (compared to thermal welding, which causes burns to the user’s limbs in case of an error).
Due to the use of silver alloy, it needs less heat to melt (compared to other commonly used metals), this method has less thermal effect on the structure.
Due to the presence of silver coating on the pin, corrosion of the joint is prevented.
It does not need special templates.

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